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Post subject: Browser Requirements and Support: Legacy
Posted: 29 Jun 2021, 14:23
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Here at, we believe in the preservation of technology and strive to keep our site accessable on older devices.

iOS 6 and PowerMac-friendly website [ img ]

Both the forum and blog can be browsed with a minimum of:
  • Firefox 2.0.20
  • Opera 9.64
  • Safari 4.0.4
  • Internet Explorer 6
[ img ]

Our modified Maxthon and DVGFX2-based themes require:
  • Firefox 3.0.18
  • Opera 10.63
  • Safari 4.0.4
  • Internet Explorer 8
(Firefox 3.5.19 is required to display svg icons in the navigation bar. Broken on Windows 9.x.)

Our modified Aero theme requires:
  • Firefox 3.6.28
  • Opera 10.63
  • Safari 4.0.4
  • Internet Explorer 9+
While we do support a large array of legacy web browsers, this does not mean every feature will work as expected. The mChat feature (reserved for admins and users of our choosing), gif keyboard, and 3rd party embedded content will require newer platforms to function as intended. Firefox 52 or greater is recommended.

Antiquated browsers with limited CSS and vector support can utilize the Legacy theme. This will accommodate browsers such as IE7 and Firefox 2. IE6 works as well, albeit with some minor beauty issues.

Hyperlinked below is a direct link to the Legacy theme, in non-HTTPS mode to ensure proper rendering:

Note, however, that your connection will not be encrypted! Please use a throwaway password if you wish to login from insecure browsers. If redirected to HTTPS, manually type the address starting with http into your browser's address field.

Use this fallback theme should you wish to browse the site on Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2,.... SVG elements are not used in this mode, making it suitable to very antiquated systems. This style will also render well in old console browsers, such as the PS3's browser and Opera-based Wii browser.
(IE6 has some rendering issues displaying profile picture frames correctly.)

You may switch between themes via the drop down menu next to the search bar, or by accessing your User Control Panel.


XP and Server 2003 users can check out Firefox 68-based MyPal browser here.

PowerPC Mac users may find the newly updated InterWeb browser here.


[ img ]
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