KernelXE Development Information and Progress

The Windows XP before Windows XP.
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Re: KernelXE Development Information and Progress

Post by Ximonite »

WIN2000WARRIOR wrote: 27 Jan 2023, 09:48
Mox AX,BX wrote: 27 Nov 2022, 06:08
Hi, I copied all these files to System32 and bsod :?
maybe you have kernelXE installed and ximonite said you shoud to install wildbill update collection and not to install wildbill collection + kernexe to test the files , i hope ximonite is fine now and in progress on his project .
I know that it is difficult. With NT4, I am facing a major deficiency in win32k.sys, which makes adding monitor functions to user32.dll a bug in many other applications at initialize . Perhaps Windows 2000 needs major additions in win32k.sys to upgrade to be like XP. I told bwc why Windows 2000 did not upgrade the hardware to be like XP. He told me that it lacks many functions in the kernel driver base and needs XP SP2 source code, because binary patching is very difficult.
I have been trying to finish up other ongoing projects, which will be released soon. Once they are done, I will continue working on KernelXE.
With that file batch, I did not expect every file to just work properly. The intention is to test one file at a time until something breaks or acts differently.
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Re: KernelXE Development Information and Progress

Post by Moline »

I hope you can figure out a way to run Windows 2000 properly on post-2010 InsydeH2O BIOS without BIOS mod. As it stands now, the only way to get it to run properly is to mod the BIOS to open up the advanced options and disable Serial/Infrared ports (even though most of these computers lack such ports) and the ACPI APIC option (this causes Windows 2000 to freeze at "Setup is starting Windows 2000", but it can be re-enabled after install, and it is highly recommended you do as it is needed if you plan to multi-boot with 64-bit OSes).

So far, the only laptop's that I know for sure a modded InsydeH2O BIOS exists is for Acer Aspire E1-531 and other models from that time frame that use the same BIOS, and you can read up on how to mod it here:

As for other laptops featuring the same BIOS such as HP 15-f233wm (2015) and Acer Aspire A315-21 (2019), there is no mod currently afaik, but stay tuned!
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Re: KernelXE Development Information and Progress

Post by WIN2000WARRIOR »

Hi , any one here could please find the account managint API in the ReactOS source code? Windows 2000 requires the implementation of S-1-5-19 and S-1-5-20 to ensure the correct functioning of the Office 2010 installer
Edit : S-1-5-19 : NT Authority (LocalService)
S-1-5-20 : Network Service

Functions involved when one wants to load a process as a different user: LogonUserW; LoadUserProfileW (and UnloadUserProfile); ImpersonateLoggedOnUser; CreateProcessAsUserW
(e.g. these are used when a service is started under one of these accounts, by the service control manager, check this file:;a=blob;f=base/system/services/database.c;h=8dbf148d43a7b622bc0aaf3b614fb10bdf1785a2;hb=HEAD )

You can find which commits (and thus which modules and files have been affected) dealt with "Local Service": ;
and "Network Service" :
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