OS/2 picked up by NTLDR

The Windows XP before Windows XP.
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OS/2 picked up by NTLDR

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After my win2k install on my ThinkPad T41 fell apart, I reinstalled after installing OS/2 Warp 4.52 on a FAT16 partition. NTLDR picked up on OS/2 and added it to the boot menu. Both OSes are working well.

Windows 2000's multi-booting documentation only mentions DOS, NT 4.0 (though NT 3.51 is also known to work with Windows 2000 NTLDR) and Windows 9x.

However, the time-out in boot.ini was set to one second instead of the usual 30.

After some testing forced me to reinstall Windows 2000, I found out some more things:

Perhaps the one-second timeout was a fluke, as the next install produced a standard 30-second timeout.
The OS/2 LVM also causes Windows 2000 to freak out if changes are committed through it (moving the pagefile to the OS/2 partition, creating a rump winnt and program files on it as well, and failing to reach explorer on boot, sometimes generating an error about a missing paging file), while disk management with Windows tools causes no issues.
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